Mat Fitness Classes Pricing
$15 per class
$84 for 6 classes ($14 per class)
$156 for 12 classes ($13 per class)
$216 for 18 classes ($12 per class)
Student Rates
(14 years – 24 years old with student ID)
$10 per class
(May need parent to sign release form)

Mat Fitness Classes Offered:

Set to energizing music, these classes focus on strengthening and toning your muscles at the ballet barre, with emphasis on glutes, thighs and hips.

  • Cardio Barre/ Advance level
  • Total Body Barre/ All levels
  • Trim & Tone Barre/All levels

Mat Pilates & Mat Cardio Burst:

Muscle toning, balance and endurance exercises using light props and your own body resistance with a burst of cardio intervals.

TRX Circuit:

High energy class that include cardio circuits and tabata style workout, and TRX straps, created to tone and strengthen your entire body.  Shoes suggested/All levels

Yoga Classes:

  • Iyengar Inspired Yoga

Hatha Yoga class that offers a very tradition practice focusing on building a strong foundation, proper alignment and building at home practices. All levels. 

  • Morning Flow

Structured to strengthen & rehabilitate natural movements.  Yoga and mat Pilates postures/exercises blended together in a perfect mixture to accommodate needs. Alllevels

  •  Yoga Cardio

A steady paced class of strength building postures in a series that progress towards flexibility and total body performance. 

All levels

  • Vinyasa

Uniting breath and movement, poses are connected in a continual flow which leaves you feeling energized and centered.  All levels

  • Gentle Backs

Class utilizes yoga poses and breath awareness to stretch the muscles of the back and improve strength and flexibility of the spine.  All levels

*Please provide your own mat


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Cancellation Policy:

  • We request that you sign up for classes at least 3 hours prior to a class.

  • Cancellations must be made by 5pm the day before your scheduled group class.  Private & semi-private sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance for full refund.

Pilates Equipment Pricing

Private Equipment Session

A one-on-one 55-minute session with a certified instructor, using a variety of equipment, customized to your physical needs.

$19.99 Mini Private (30 minute intro session) 
$60 per session (55 minutes)
$342 for 6 sessions
$660 for 12 sessions
$936 for 18 sessions ($52 per session)

Semi-Private Equipment Session
Two clients to one certified instructor during a 55-minute session. Workout with a friend or we can arrange a workout partner who matches your workout needs.

$37 per session
$210 for 6 sessions
$396 for 12 sessions
$558 for 18 sessions ($31 per session)

Group Equipment Session
A small group session (4 clients) that offers a 55-minute session with a certified instructor. A great workout at a discounted rate. We will match you with clients who are at the same fitness level for a challenging workout.  We request that clients without equipment experience take a private or mini private prior to group class.

$28 per session
$162 for 6 sessions
$312 for 12 sessions
$441 for 18 sessions ($24.50 per session)

​Special Pricing/Monthly Unlimited

Combo Package: 9 Group Equipment sessions & 9 Mat Classes for $295.00

Monthly Unlimited Mat Fitness Classes + 1 Reformer Class per week:  $179.00 

  Classes & Pricing